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Expected virtues of the report

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Expected virtues of the report

But different from the opinion column or the chronicle , Much more permissive in terms of style. The report must be as restrained as possible in the transmission of positions regarding. What is narrated As in almost all branches of journalism Expected virtues Even so a good. Level of analysis of the aforementioned and deep understanding of the subject is expected from a report, Which gives the author a certain prominence. Reports are often accompanied by interviews or other informational approaches. It is often seen as an example of investigative journalism. See also Informative and opinion genres. Background of the report Report – Stendhal. The word reporter was first used by Car Dealers business email list Stendhal in 1829. The birth of the report is closely linked to that of the written pressWriters News feed the first and rudimentary publications such as newsletters and leaflets with stories of interest to the town.

Report resources Graphic reports

Issues that attracted attention and were somehow public interest. In the nineteenth century, Reporting as we know it arises , From the hand of news consortia and the need, For example, Of witnesses in the great world wars and sources, Of information housed in the place of events, Without having to wait. At the end of the event to review it. The word reporter was first used by Stendhal in 1829. Structure of the report There are many ways to report, And journalists with the greatest authorship dimension can practically do as they please. However, The traditional structure is more or less as follows. An index, Summary, Or headline. An entry paragraph. Which often cost them dearly. A notable case is the Argentine Rodolfo Walsh , Who published reports from underground denouncing the last Argentine military dictatorship. Information is provided to place himself in the context of the investigation .

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Information source types

The body of the report. Where is the bulk of the information. Which can be of the closed type (draws conclusions) or open (invites the reader to draw theirs). Expected virtues of the report Reportage, The information source of a report can be as varied as the courage and talent of the journalist allows . Informal interviews, Everything can contribute to the writing of the article, Although there are much more reliable and verifiable sources such as written documentation, Books, Publications, Newspapers, Radio or television broadcasts . Great reporters Reportage – Joseph Pulitzer Joseph Pulitzer, An investigative reporter, Promoted honest journalism. There have been notable reporters in history , Especially in adverse political and social conditions.

Expected virtues of the report

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