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What are expository texts?

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What are expository texts?

We explain what expository texts are and what their general characteristics are. How is its structure and classification. Expositive text The expository texts are used mainly in the school and academic environment. What are expository texts? There were many. True flying dinosaurs are birds, As these graceful creatures are direct descendants of small, Feather-covered bipedal dinosaurs. Pterosaurs, Which were the first vertebrates to rise to the skies, Were not dinosaurs. In order not to continue with the immense list of what a dinosaur is not, We had better go ipso facto to scientifically define this word and to do so, We will artificially exclude birds, So that we will actually define what a non-avian dinosaur is.

The report is a type of journalistic narrative that reconstructs news events

A dinosaur was a terrestrial reptile that had an upright posture (that is, it had the legs just below the body, Rather than to the sides like lizards and crocodiles), That had an acetabulum (hollow of the hip where the femur is inserted ). Fully perforated and lived from the late Triassic to the late Cretaceous, From 228.7 to 65.5 million years ago. If Bookstores business email list a creature does not meet these conditions, No matter how beautiful and ‘dinosaurian’ it may seem, It is not a dinosaur. Another definition that considers the evolutionary fact and that gives importance to the definition of groups based on their phylogenetic tree (a kind of genealogical tree) dictates that a dinosaur is: Any creature included from the last common ancestor between Passer. (The sparrow common) and Triceratops (the famous dinosaur with three horns).

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What is a report?

When we look at a dinosaur phylogenetic tree (including birds). We realize that this definition draws a large cone that actually encompasses all the dinosaurs. That exist and have existed for hundreds of millions of years. Thus, with these two definitions we can take the bugs from the prehistoric animal bags and discard. Everything that is not a Sale Lead dinosaur. For scientists there are more than 20 fine anatomical features that identify a dinosaur, But for us, These definitions serve quite well and bring us closer to these magnificent Mesozoic beasts. The report is a type of journalistic narrative that reconstructs news events and disseminates them for informational purposes. It is considered a documentary genre, Although it may contain subjective information on the part of its author.

What are expository texts?

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