Business Email List – How to Build a Big List Fast!

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Business Email List – How to Build a Big List Fast!

Let us talk about how to build a big business email list fast.

The first thing we need to cover is to explore exactly what list building is. There are some basics you need to have down before we get started. Let us just go through those quickly.

What is list building? List building is a Belgium Email Lis ts way that you can get cash into your business or into your bank account by building up a mailing list of individuals.

These people join your list

You then email them on a regular basis

You either sell them your products or you recommend the products of others

They buy them

You get cash

That is pretty much what business email list building is. It is not a case of just grabbing people and forcing them to get on your list or emailing people that you do not have permission to email. This is all about getting permission from people by their saying Yes, I want more information about what it is you can provide.

You are getting people to raise their hands and say, Yes, I want more information. Please send me more information.

The heart of list building is all about trust. It is the idea of building an element of trust and building a relationship with people over time. Studies have shown, for example, that people need to be told about an offer about seven times before they will actually buy something.

If people just land on your website and you are trying to sell your products or an affiliate product, chances are they will not buy. However, if you can get them to join your list, you can then email them over a period of days, weeks, or even months, giving them more information about that product so that eventually they will buy that product and give you cash.

When they first land on your website, they do not trust you. They will not know who you are. They will not know anything about you or your products; but over the course of sending them emails as members of the list that you have, they will start to trust you. They will start to get to know you and your products. Then they will buy from you. That is really what list building is all about.

What do you actually need to build a big list fast? There are a few elements:

  1. The first element in business email list building is you need a starving crowd.

You need to find a group of people who have a particular problem that they are desperate to solve. There is no point in trying to build a list and sell products to people if they do not actually want to find a solution, or they do not have money to spend. You have got to find a starving crowd. That is a group of people that have a particular problem. They are looking to solve that problem, and they are willing to spend money and pay you to get the solution to that problem.

  1. Obviously from there follows the fact that you need to have a solution.

You might be selling your own products to your list when you get your list, or you might just want to recommend the products of others and sell what are called affiliate products. Which ever way, you need a solution to the problem that the people in the starving crowd actually have.

  1. You are obviously going to need a website.

You are going to need a website to put the list opt in form, or what is sometimes called a squeeze page, where you are going to get the name and email address of visitors. You obviously need a website in order to do that.

  1. The fourth thing that you need is an autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a bit of software that does everything for you in terms of business email list building and then managing your list. Aweber and Get Response are a couple of autoresponder service providers you might want to check out and compare.

So you need:

A starving crowd, people that want something and are willing to pay money to get the solution

To have a solution ready, or at least find affiliate products that give them that solution

To have a website with the opt in form, or the squeeze page, where you can actually get people to join your list

An autoresponder. That is a bit of software that gets people on your list and manages all the mailings.

I am going to show you in this course how you find and get each of these four things and how you set everything up.

Let us spend a little bit of time though, quickly on this element of an autoresponder and explore exactly what an autoresponder is and what it does.

I am sure you have seen on websites these squeeze pages. They have a little box here that says, put in your name. They have a little box here that says, put in your email. Then they have a little Go button to send your information off and in return you often get a bonus. You click on that and you are put on that list.

What happens when you do this is you are joining an autoresponder. When you have your own list set up you are going to see that you need an autoresponder that works behind the scenes.

When people click in their name and email address, their email address goes into a big database. Imagine something like a big bucket or drum and this is the autoresponder database. Whenever anybody joins with their email address, it goes into the autoresponder. The autoresponder collects all those email addresses.

What it lets you do is contact people whenever you want via email. You can set up maybe six messages in advance. It will send one on day one, one on day two, an email on day three, an email on day four, an email on day five, and so on.

You write these emails at one time, in sequence, and then when somebody comes into your list, they will be sent this email on day one, and this one on day two, day three, four, five, six, etc.

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