Cross Selling Between Email Lists

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Cross Selling Between Email Lists

If you are selling several products on the internet, then you have probably spent a great deal of Turks and Caicos Islands Email Lists time creating email lists to market each of your products. Building large email lists to raise interest for your products is a great way to achieve high sales and build long term profits for your online business ventures.

But did you know that if you are not cross selling between the email lists you have worked so hard to build, you may be missing out on a substantial opportunity to generate even more revenue with very little work?

Why is cross selling so effective? The main reason is because internet marketers usually have more than one product that would appeal to the same buyers. If a subscriber has purchased one of your products, chances are good that they will have additional needs to be filled. And since you have already sold them a product to help their lives, you have built a relationship with those people. They trust you as an advisor, so they will be receptive to additional products you may have available.

So how do you cross sell between your email marketing lists? Some internet marketers attempt to do this by simply broadcasting every email to both lists, no matter what strategy they are using or what product they are selling. However, if you have not properly prepared your subscribers for your additional products, your marketing efforts will not likely generate very many additional sales.

A better way to cross sell between email lists is to build interest for your additional products over several emails. When you are providing information about one product, casually mention that there are other products that have helped similar people solve additional problems. Then provide link to your other product websites, so subscribers who are interested in your other products can learn more.

Another good way to cross sell your products between email lists is to write several articles relating to your other products, and then provide links to those articles in your marketing emails. This technique allows your subscribers to pick and choose which other products they are interested in.

One challenge that you will encounter when you are cross selling products between email marketing lists is that some of your readers will subscribe to more than one list. This is particularly challenging when you choose to send the same or very similar emails, such as general informational emails, to more than one list. You have to routinely check your email marketing lists for multi-list subscribers to make sure that you are not bombarding them with multiple emails containing the same information. If you don’t, you run the risk of having people unsubscribe from all of your lists because they are receiving supplicate content.

If you are willing to take the time to craft your emails to introduce new products, and to make sure that you are not sending duplicate content to your subscribers, cross selling between email lists can be a great way to build additional revenue without the work involved in getting new

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