Email List Software – Building a Permission-Based List

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Email List Software – Building a Permission-Based List

Email List Marketing Campaigns can be very effective. Unfortunately, not many first time email marketers know how to handle their email lists properly and end up Iceland Email List making mistakes. Some internet marketers make the same email list marketing mistakes over and over again. If your email marketing campaigns are not satisfactory there is hope.

If you are new to email list marketing, then you need to do a decent amount of research to ensure that you know how to handle your email lists properly.

Top Ten Email List Marketing Mistakes:

  1. You do not have a permission-based email or opt-in email list. Whether you want to build your own list or buy one, you should always make sure that it is permission based. Never, ever compile a list in an unethical way, or else you’ll be accused of spam. Having a reputation for spam will only hurt your business.
  2. Not bothering to segment your emails. This means that you need to break your list down into different segments or target emails based upon the interests of each subscriber. This will make personalizing the emails a lot easier.
  3. Filling the messages/newsletters up with sloppy content. The messages you send out should be both friendly and professional. The content should be neat, with proper grammar and no typos. None of your subscribers will take your company seriously if you send out sloppy and unprofessional emails.
  4. Your emails are filled with too many ads. People subscribe to mailing lists to receive information—not to be solicited to. While a few links or ads are okay, the majority of your newsletter or e-zine should be filled with informative content.
  5. Your subject line is poorly chosen. Make sure you pay attention to the “from” and “subject” lines of your message. If you choose poorly, none of your readers will even bother to click on your message! The “from” line should be the same exact name of the newsletter or site from which they signed up. The “subject” line should be brief, yet catchy.
  6. You stuff the newsletters with too many graphics. Seriously, your readers won’t appreciate it if your newsletter crashes their browser window with an over-abundance of graphics! Furthermore, too many graphics within a message will cause your email to be filtered into “spam” or “blocked” folders!
  7. You don’t provide links to the right landing pages. Not sending your readers to the right web page will defeat the purpose of email marketing! If you’re including information and reviews on a particular product on your site, then link to that exact page.
  8. Adding too much “filler”. If you don’t have enough informative, original content to send in your newsletter, then don’t send it at all! People do not want to read through generic information. They want to read relevant information. If your message is boring, nobody will be interested in reading anything else you send them.
  9. Sending messages to your email lists from your personal email address. This is obviously common sense, yet there are actually some new email marketers who do it on occasion. Never, ever send out a message to a large number of people with your own personal email. Instead, set up an email marketing campaign through your business domain.
  10. Bragging about your company too much. It is okay to include a few testimonials here and there, but don’t make your message all about you. Instead, give the subscribers what they want and make the message about them!

There are many more email list marketing mistakes that you need to avoid, but these are the main ones. Spend some time researching before sending out any emails. Whatever you do, DON’T make any of the aforementioned mistakes, or you’ll never learn how to handle email lists properly.

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