What is an Opt in Email List?

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What is an Opt in Email List?

Opt in email lists are something you will hear discussed on every internet marketing forum. If you are new to the internet marketing game you might be asking; “What is Ukraine Email Lists an opt in email list”? Well, an opt in email list is an email list that your prospects must ask to be added on. You have probably seen forms online asking for you name and email list. When you fill out that form you are opting in to that site’s email list.

Opt in email lists are one of the best ways to make money online. If you can offer prospects interesting information on a regular basis they will look forward to getting emails from you often. In those emails you can promote your own products, or send them to an affiliate product that your recommend. If they have gone through the trouble of opting in to your list, and staying on, then they probably will trust the recommendation that you make. Instead of only getting one chance to sell them something, like on a regular website or sales page, you can stay in constant contact with them and sell them many different products while they stay on your list.

The Two Types of Email Opt In Lists

This first form of opt in email list is the single opt in email list. This is where the prospect only needs to fill out one form to be added to the list. As soon as they hit the submit button they are on your list and you can send them messages. The second form of email lists is the double opt in email list. This is when the prospect not only needs to fill out the form to be added to the list, but also must click on a link in their email to confirm their subscription. The double opt in is useful to make double sure that the prospect wants to hear from you via email. If they only opt in once they might forget about it and think you are sending them spam later on.

If you are interested in making money online then email opt in lists are something you need to learn about. Instead of making one sale (or no sale if they decide to leave) you many more chances to convince them that buying from you is a good idea.

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