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Characteristics of journalistic genres

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Characteristics of journalistic genres

Journalistic genres are characterized by Treat current issues . Report objectively with qualitative data . Convey the argued opinion of a journalist or specialist. Reflect the ideology of a communication medium. Have the ability to reflect or influence the opinion of the masses. Types of journalistic genres Journalistic genres can be: Informative journalistic genres. They are the genres in which the journalist provides concrete, quantitative data and evidence, without issuing a value judgment or opinion on the subject, such as a news item or a report to a specialist. Journalistic opinion genres. They are the genres in which the journalist expresses his point of view, or that of the media that he represents, about an event, such as an editorial publication or an opinion article. Interpretive journalistic genres. Also called mixed, are the genres that include objective information.

Examples of journalistic genres

Each type of journalistic genre presents particular characteristics in its structure. Among the main examples of the informative genre are: The news . It is the informative genre that is characterized by detailing an event objectively, regardless of who Golf equipment business email list or what means of communication disseminates it. The news usually contains information about an event and must be able to answer the questions: who? What? Where? When? and how? It must communicate a true event, Which occurred today and be interesting to the mass public. The report. It is the informative genre that is characterized by the informative and expository character Characteristics journalistic that a journalist develops with respect to a topic of great public interest. It consists of a compilation as a documentary that can include data, photographs, videos, interviews,

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Manipulation of public opinion

The editorial. It is the kind of opinion that is characterized by exposing and arguing an event based on value judgments that usually represent the collective opinion. It is usually published in a permanent section of the graphic medium without personal signature, because it represents the publisher or the media in general. The opinion piece. It is the genre of Sale Lead opinion that is characterized by expressing the personal and argued point of view of the editor or journalist, regarding a particular issue. Column. It is the genre of opinion that is characterized by being a permanent editorial space that offers the opinion of various specialists according to each publication, Such as a journalist, A doctor or an athlete. Among the main examples of the interpretive genre are: The chronicle

Characteristics of journalistic genres

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